OptWorks is a suite of eight optimization algorithms designed to solve complex problems from financial analysis, logistics management, engineering, scientific analysis, and strategic investment planning. Tired of looking for optimum solutions to your Excel-based problems by hand? Excel's standard Solver not working for you due to the presence of multiple "suboptimal" solutions or many discrete variables? The powerful Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Annealing engines in OptWorks are for you.

OptWorks: Excel® is an add-in product for Microsoft® Excel®. A Windows version is currently available for Excel® 2000, XP and 2003. A Mac OS X version is coming soon. OptWorks: Excel® can be purchased for the low introductory price of $199.00 (electronic product download). Boxed versions are $249.00.

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OptWorks: Excel Product Overview

Pi Blue Software, Inc. is pleased to announce our new Educational Alliance Program. Qualified university and college faculty, staff, and instructors are eligible to receive a free six-month license for the Full-version of our OptWorks:Excel® software for educational use and product evaluation. Contact our sales group for more information.

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OptWorks: ModelCenter®

OptWorks:ModelCenter® contains the same suite of eight useful optimization algorithms present in OptWorks:Excel® including Genetic Algorithm, Coordinate Pattern Search, Grid Search, Random Walk, Random Search, and Simulated Annealing. OptWorks:ModelCenter® consists of easy-to-use Java components hosted on your Analysis Server.

If you are interested in expanding the optimizer options available to you in ModelCenter®, then OptWorks:ModelCenter® is just what you're looking for.

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ProbWorks: ModelCenter®

ProbWorks is a suite of five probabilistic analysis tools for exploring uncertainties associated with mathematical and engineering simulations. If you are conducting robust design, risk-based design, design for uncertainties, or six-sigma product development, the ability to quickly assess and graph the predicted statistical characteristics of your product is critical.

ProbWorks offers a powerful Monte Carlo driver, a Design of Experiments and Response Surface Equation module, and a Pareto sensitivity tool. ProbWorks currently runs in Phoenix Integration's ModelCenter® multidisciplinary design framework.

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